• SaralPOS is capable of handling more than 75,000 or more items of large inventory.
  • Manage your items quickly in an excel sheet and upload them within seconds and start your business.
  • Customize SaralPOS according to your business needs to increase your sales.
  • Helps you to have a quick search of the books through simple data filters.
  • Manage your books with more than one barcode according to your business needs.
  • The customer can be easily and quickly answered by the help of different search options for a specific book’s/CD’s/DVD’s etc.
  • Manage your data filters through a quick search of book’s/CD’s/DVD’s etc.

Extensive Reports

  • SaralPOS helps you to keep track of your sales completely from anywhere & anytime around the world.
  • Quick Dashboard gives you the complete quick overview of Top selling items by volume and value, Fast Moving items by volume and value, complete transaction of in store and Home Delivery respectively.
  • Generate the reports based upon your stock's movement from Godown/Warehouse etc.
  • The various types of reports can be viewed such as Order wise outstanding, Credit Outstanding, Sales Data etc.
  • Generate and View reports for the credit sales outstanding and also the outstanding vendor payments.

Customize your own Barcode Stickers

  • Design, Customize and Print your barcode sticker.
  • Integration of thermal printer, laser printer and also ink jet printers for sticker printing.
  • Customize the sticker format by adding business logo and design.

Invoice Customization

  • Get your invoice according to you and your business needs by adding logo and other details of your organization.
  • Support for Multilingual as per customer requirements.

Customer Management

  • SaralPOS helps you to enter the customer details easily and quickly and also help you to track your customers about who they are and what they are buying.
  • Loyalty programs can be designed for the customers.
  • Manage Offers and Discounts for customer attraction.
  • Customers can be classified based upon the groups to allocate different price lists.

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